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Predictors of clinicians' underuse of daily sedation interruption and sedation scales
Sneyers B, Henrard S, Laterre PF, Perreault MM, Beguin C, Wouters D, Speybroeck N, Spinewine A.
J Crit Care. 2017; 38:182-189

Collaborative approach to Optimise MEdication use for Older people in Nursing homes (COME-ON): study protocol of a cluster controlled trial
Anrys P, Strauven G, Boland B, Dalleur O, Declercq A, Degryse JM, De Lepeleire J, Henrard S, Lacour V, Simoens S, Speybroeck N, Vanhaecht K, Spinewine A, Foulon V.
Implement Sci. 2016; 11:35